Oh Penne Penne chords.

Here are the guitar chords for one of my favorite songs.

Song: Oh Penne; Movie: Vanakkam Chennai; Music: Anirudh Ravichander


Intro: Gm-Gm-Cm-D# (Per Bar)


Un Kaigal Korthu Unnodu Poga

Cm                                        D#                 F
En Nenjam Than Yengudhe Dhinam Uyir Vangudhe


Un Tholil Saaindhu Kan Moodi Vaazha

Cm                             D#                    F

En Ullam Alaipayuthey Ayyo Thadumaarudhe


Un Kannam Mele.. Mazhai Neerai Pole

Cm                             F 

Mutha Kolam Poda Aasai Alladudhey

Nee Pesum Pechu Naaldhorum Ketu

Cm                                        F
Endhan Jenmam Theera Yaekam Thallaadudhe

Gm                         Dm

Oh Penne Penne Yen Kanne Kanne

D#                                   Cm                     F
Unmai Sonnaal Yenna Unnai Thandhaal Yenna (x2)


Never Wanna See Us Fighting Forget The Thunder N Lightening

Cm                                                                     D#
I Hold You Till We See The Morning.. Light
Never Leave Your Side (x2)

D#                                        Dm               

Ezhu Kadal Thaandi Unakaaga Vandhene

Cm                                                             Dm
Indha Nadhi Vandhu Kadal Seruthe

D#                               Dm
Vennilavai Vetti Mothirangal Seivene

Cm                            Dm
Adhu Unai Sera Oli Veesuthe

Cm                  Gm                       F
Andha Vinmeengal Thaan.. Undhan Kan Meedhile

  Cm                                                      F
Vandhu Kudiyerave.. Konjam Edam Kekuthe

Cm            Gm            F
Indru Un Kaiyile Naan Nool Bommaiye

Cm                                                Dm
Oonjal Pol Maaruthe.. Adi Un Penmaiye




Hello guys!,

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